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    Torah Assessment and Repair

    Torah is the heart of our Jewish faith, and it goes without saying that they require the utmost care and maintenance.

    At Worldwide Sofrim, we offer the most comprehensive Torah appraisal, repair and restoration services. Our expert, Chicago-based Sofer can appraise your Torah to determine its status, identify flaws or issues that need correction, and provide accurate valuations for your synagogue's needs.

    Mezuzah Checking and Repair

    Our expert Sofer can provide consulting services that cover the examination of your Mezuzah and appraisal of its authenticity, as well as restoration or preventive corrections of any flaws that might be identified during our evaluation. Mezuzahs can be checked at our location or in your home.


    Torah law requires checking tefillin at least twice every seven years. We inspect for deterioration or damage to your Tefillin’s scrolls, straps, boxes, and other components, as well as appraise your Tefillin to verify its authenticity. Should any flaws or issues be found, our expert Soferim are also prepared to carry out corrections, perform more extensive repairs, or even help you secure reliable replacements if needed.

  • Our Sofrim

    Yochanan Nathan

    Lead Sofer

    Rabbi Yochanan Nathan is the founder of Worldwide Sofrim. He has 40 years of experience offering Sofer services to communities worldwide. He is a renowned expert in all things Sta''m in Chicago.

    Elazar Weiner

    Associate Sofer

    Elazar Weiner has been a Sofer since 2009 after completing his training at Lander Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. In 2014, He was brought on board to run the Sefer Torah department at Worldwide Sofrim.

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